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Hebei Construction Engineering Logistics Co., Ltd is one of subsidiary of HBCG Group, Co., Ltd, which is leading construction&building materials in hebei province, based on top500 enterprises advantages of mother company, HBCEL has been supplying all different kinds of building materials worldwide.


HBCEL established in 2012 and nowadays the turnover has been more than RMB2billion yearly, and the coming year the turnover would be around RMB10billion as HBCEL is playing a important role of centralized purchasing of whole building materials within the group even one piece of nail.


Mother company, HBCG offers the highest quality pre-engineered steel building, metal buildings and metal building components in the industry, we have talented skill teams and highest qualifications in building&engineering industry from government, in the past a few year, we made excellent performances on a few overseas projects, nowadays, our teams are spreading south American countries, middle east, African and Asian countries etc.


With regards of projects, we have contracted to build Ulan Bator No.5 residential building for teachers of No.6 middle school in Mongolia, Simens multi-functional office building in Moscow, residential building of Omsk in Russia, parts f civil work of Zavall port in Saudi Arabia, cement production linen in Nigeria, production line in Qatar, Renovation and extension of China embassy in Cameroon, and Simens Multi-functional office building in Leningrad St. Moscow which was built in 2008 has been known as “China speed” by construction departments and press units because of the building time for one floor was only 3 days and half. In 2014,  was a China aided project, China aidedour group won the bidding of Monrovia SKD stadium maintenance project in Liberia which projects of Nanxing youth chemical joint venture from DPRK, ans 5 star hotel of proceresin Venezuela. In 2015, we have already won the bidding of the 2nd phase of HUME cement production line in Malaysia, Baturaja Clinker cement production line in Indonesia and project of Huaxin cement clinker cement production line of 3000T/D with electric power plant in Khudzhand, Tajikistan.

Besides of engineering projects, our company has been starting joint venture with a few domestic building materials factories and holding stocks, now our products are various, like all different kinds of steel, fence, PVC pipe, glass curtain wall, painting, bricks etc, these products have been exporting overseas and got good reputation.


Welcome you visit our company and hope to see you here in the very near future. All the best..